Why iOS Based Apps To Beat Competition From Android Apps?

October 08, 2015

In today’s era where people are strongly obsessed with mobile phones, it is difficult to make out, which app or which platform is actually more popular and user-friendly. We generally assume that this decision largely depends upon the taste of people because masses who are more into using Android gadgets will find Android apps more comfortable and vice-versa.

However, this is not the face of reality. There are a few reasons, probably unknown, that have made iOS to win the competition in the marketplace. In fact, it is also believed to be successful in the industry it is always a better decision to go for the development of iOS applications. Let us discuss get into the depth of the matter, right now.

  • According to the data collected from Applause, a service that crawls each and every application in both, Google and Apple store to determine the quality of an app by ranking it in various categories, iOS apps hold still hold the top-most position. The mean average ranking of iOS apps is about 68 per cent while that of Android is about 63. Now, this clearly does not mean Android apps are not good. Rather, it states that iOS apps have certain distinct features that make it the first preference amongst the users.

So, if something is popular and reliable, why should one take chance by going for Android development!

  • When a similar study was done based on the categories of apps the popularity percentage of iOS was far more than the Android. Though, a few like medical and productivity categories showed better results for Android.

Being a start up, if you develop iOS apps, you can expect similar wonders day after day because the populace still show their affection for iOS more!

  • For more accurate results, when Zite, a popular social tablet magazine, was compared for results on Android and iOS platform, it was found Zite’s ranking in iOA was 66 while that of Android was 62. It is not just the content of the app that makes it stand out in the crowd, but it is also the experience that user gets while using. And, the user experience says a big YES to iOS!

Now that Appsomatic have got an insight into some quantifiable measures, it is justifiable to say iOS based apps give a tough competition to Android apps.


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