7 Strategies for building successful Mobile App

October 08, 2015

Many people claim to have in-depth knowledge about the mobile market. However; not many of them know the industry has a billion dollars of revenue, from billions of downloaded apps throughout the year.  They also may not know that there are over 900,000 apps in the Apple app store, 750,000 apps in  Google Play, 120,000 in the Blackberry store and about 80,000 in the Windows store. Some of these numbers are staggering, and not many people are aware of them.

It is definitely good for the users, but for developers and enterprises, it makes one thing very clear: The competition is tough and will get tougher in the future. There are excellent apps that do not get downloaded even once. Surely none of the developers want this to happen after spending many sleepless nights on their creation.  It is difficult to get your app noticed.  However, with a little bit of hard work, and efficient strategies, you can have surprising results. Before we discuss the strategies that can make your app successful, let’s cover the meaning of a successful app.

  • A successful app meets the needs of the audience, and solves their problem.
  • A successful app quickly entices the audience, and tempts them to use it continuously.
  • A successful app meets the targets set by sales experts.

Now that we know what success means, let’s discuss some strategies.  Having a properly developed plan, will provide a roadmap to meet your ultimate goals, and objectives.

  1. Understand the needs of customer: understanding what the audience is actually looking for is very important. Once you know this you can develop a plan that delivers a product that meets their needs. So, understand their requirement first. Conduct surveys, interact with people, make sure your ideas are what the customer is looking for.
  2. Understand the competition: Understanding the competition makes many things clear. Once you understand the way your competitors are working, you can formulate strategies to make yourself and your app stand out from the crowd.
  3. Employ state-of-the-art technology: Technologies grow with time. If you use an obsolete one, chances of being successful are immediately diminished. However, if you use something that is catchy and useful to the user in new ways, you become relevant. So, make sure you are adopting the latest technique and technology that is available in the marketplace.
  4. Make it simple yet efficient: Most users do not gravitate toward complex things. Try to keep your app user friendly, intuitive, and of course, helpful. Make sure it gives the users the ease they are looking for.
  5. Develop a marketing plan: Without efficient marketing achieving success is next to impossible. Formulate an aggressive marketing plan, and reach out to as many people as possible when the app is developed.
  6. Choose a distribution method: A number of distribution channels are available nowadays. However, for a successful app you have to choose a combination of those that work the best for your audience.
  7. Maintain the app: Understand that if people are using your app, they continuously expect something new. Upgrade your app regularly, maintain it, and provide the best solution for your user’s needs.Follow these strategies and make your app stand out in the crowd!


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