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4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Go Mobile

  • Cloud-based Native Mobile App Creation Platform.
  • Comes with a simple drag and drop builder.
  • No coding or technical knowledge required.
  • Create apps for both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Our team can design and publish app for you.
  • Works for any niche.

Mobile app builder

Follow 3 simple steps, and create a mobile app for your business.

Step 1

Choose desired design layouts, format, colors text, and other brand assets for your Mobile App.

Step 2

Choose the workflow of the app, functions, add-ons and other technical features. And… without writing or even having a look at any complicated code.

Step 3

Make your App easily available for iOS and Android users by directly publishing the app on Apple App Store and Google Playstore.

Mobile apps are not the fluke, they’re the present and here to stay

With 105 billion apps downloads in 2019 alone, mobile app industry is already next big thing. If you are looking to dominate your market with masive growth and unmatch online presence, then you need mobile app for your business. Local business like yours already taking advantage of mobile technlolgy and mobile marketing so don’t left out!


Hair Salons

Yoga Studios


Golf Courses







News Papers

Join the mobile revolutions

You See, In the Last Couple Of Years We’ve Helped Many Small Businesses To Not Only Grow Their Presence Online,

But also to

Get More Customers

Increase Retention Rate, and

Generate More Revenue

why mobile apps are important

User all over the world simply perfer mobile apps over websites and here are a few reasons why?

  • It’s More Convenient 70% 70%
  • It’s Faster 65% 65%
  • Prefer Settings are Stored 50% 50%
  • Can Find Better Deal Faster 40% 40%
  • It’s More Entertaining 25% 25%

Builder Features

Increse revenue, grow a loyal customer base, and strength online presense with our everlasting mobile app features.


App Design Builder

Extremely simple and intuitive design engine that allows you to create a great mobile experience for your users.

Industry Templets

Ready-made templates for many different industries to get you started with your app-building journey.

Google Fonts

Access to the Google Font library which allows you to choose from over 800 fonts to ensure a custom brand experience.

Icon Sets

Choose from over a 1,000 beautiful icons to create a modern and easy-to-use app for your users.

Native iOS Apps

Build native apps for Apple mobile devices. Create an iOS app and publish it to the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad users.

App Builder CMS

Our drag-and-drop app builder allows anyone to build an app, without coding knowledge. The CMS houses all of our revenue-generating features designed for small business growth.

Native Android Apps

Native apps built for Android devices. Build your app and publish it to the Google Play store for Android users to download.

Web Apps (PWA)

Mobile apps built with progressive technology. They are delivered through the user's web browser, which allows for a seamless experience - no need to download an app.


The “Menu” feature is essentially the same as the “Info-3-Tier” feature, but allows you to specify a price for each item.

Loyalty Card

Use four different loyalty reward programs to attract - and retain - your customers, who are absolutely going to love being connected with you business.

Custom Forms

Allows you to create forms with creative features that include the ability to send images, attached documents and collect signature within the form with a super-intuitive interface.


The “Podcast” feature allows you to integrate audio and video podcasts within your app. After integrating the feed, it will automatically update with the latest content.

Image Gallery

You can add images of any products to a gallery tab in the app. Create a custom gallery through the dashboard or pull in existing galleries from Flickr, Picasa or Instagram!

Shopping Cart

A simple way for your business to make sales through your app. Create a custom marketplace or integrate an existing marketplace such as WooCommerce, Magento, or Shopify. 


The “Contact” feature displays important general information such as business location, website URL, contact info (phone & email), and hours of operation.

Mortgage Calculators

The “Mortgage Calculator” feature is a tool that allows users to calculate a monthly repayment using variables such as loan amount, loan term, and interest rate.

Food Ordering

The “Food Ordering” feature is a simple and effective way for your restaurant to take orders through your mobile app. You have full control with customizable menu and pricing, delivery, take-out options and in-app payment.

Info Display

This feature allows you to insert just about anything that you can insert on a regular web page. Catagoriese info up to 3 tiers. Nice way to organize all your info. 

E-mail Photo

This  feature allows users to email photos/videos directly from the app. This will allow businesses to post the content on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

Real Estates

The “Real Estate” feature is a tool that allows real estate agents to showcase properties they are renting or selling. Import listings manually, via a CSV file, or IDX API account integration.


You are able to set up coupons for a business that are trackable with redemption statistics. Add valid dates, maximum number of redemptions along with their offers.

Tip Calculators

The “Tip Calculator” feature allows the user to input the price of the bill, the percentage they wish to tip, and the number of people splitting the bill. 


A built-in booking system, great for Salons, Spas or any business that sets appointments with their clients. Implement commitment fees, manage appointments and receive notifications when appointments are scheduled all right through the app.

Submit Receipts

This tab is required to give users the ability to add and upload receipts. Once a receipt is added you will receive an email asking you to validate the receipt. 

Web Links

The Website Tab allows you to add all your digital assets directly inside the app. all you need is a website URL.

Golf Courses

With the “Golf Course” feature, you can build out a golf course range and allow users to score their games right in the app, and with built-in score card record your stats and email it for later use. 

Promotional Kit

Building your app is only the first step, now you want people to use it. Easily create branded marketing materials to promote your app.

Staff Training Materials

Train your employees to promote the app to customers, using  posters, and infographics as a reminder.

Smart QR Code

Smart QR Code technology will guild your customers to app store, and navigate them to download your app on their phone. 

Push Notifications

inform users on new information related to the app, providing valuable and relevant updates, even when the app is closed. Increse user engagement. 

App Analytics

Train your employees to promote the app to customers, using  posters, and infographics as a reminder.


Keep track on all of your in-app transactions, from food ordering to merchandise. Even export the transaction data to make bookkeeping a breeze.

Private App Store

The is the perfect solution for businesses with secure and/or confidential information, like schools, camps, corporations etc. Publish fully functional enterprise iOS apps to increse staff productivities.

Group Management

Group management allows you to define groups, assign users to those groups, and control group access via login and password authentication. It’s useful for any situation where you need to restric access to certain features of your app or limit the app usage to a specific group of users.


 Relying on printers, scanners, or postal workers are a thing of the past, and paper forms are inconvinent. With our new Signature add-on. Let users quickly and securely sign documents within your app, saving time and money for your business and your customers.

Smart Reviews

Take control of your online reputation by sending auto review. We prompt app users to review your business and ensure the positive reviews get published online, while you get a chance to handle the negative ones.

Multiple Language Support

You have the freedom to use a single app in multiple countries or in any situation where your users speak different languages. Choose up to five languages, enter your content into the CMS in those languages and voila!

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