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Mobile apps are now an essential part of almost every business. Several small to midsize businesses have profited from a well designed mobile app. While most small businesses have their own Website, it is more profitable for them to also develop a mobile app. Over the last few years the world of communication has gone mobile; you can either join in or get left behind. Smartphones and Tablets are the fastest selling communication tools ever; there are over 2 million activations every day!

Most of these mobile users access the Internet on their smartphones and other mobile devices. Today, everything including commerce, trading, and payments are handled on mobile devices. It’s easier for your customer to get in touch with your business . That being the case, mobile apps are proving to be the future of computing. Developing a mobile app and promoting it among your users, will be extremely beneficial for your business.

Some of the features we utlize with iOS & Android libraries

Be found on all major platform

Our app design and technolgy will work on all major platform such as, iPhone, iPad, Android & Window devices.  With our custom c-panel you will be able to manage data, updates, and analytics easily.

Social Integration

Integrate Facebook page and increase ‘like us’ instantly. Share your photo gallery with Instagram integration. Generate more leads with your favorite Email marketing campaign service.

Shopping Cart & Food Ordering

Offer mobile commerce and sell items through your app. Let customers oder food through your app. Integrate with ten different payment processors and allow customers to make purchase on the go. 

Engaging Multimedia

Integrate music, video, and monitize it. Integrate itune track and albums. Integrate your youtube channel seamlessly. Create native image gallery attract and retain more users.

Unlimited push notification

Inform customers about new events & Promotion. Send special offers and coupons during slow hours. Inform your customers with new content, and attract customer with daily specials.


Robust Reports & Analytics

popular platform analysis. Understand how many users download your app. Keep track of items inventory. Keep track of schedule events. Understand most popular feature within the app. keep track of app’s ROI.

Training & Support

App walkthrough and training for easy transation. Receive marketing support on demand. Proven marketing techniques to increase app download, and knowledge base materials for ongoing support.

iBeacon Technology

Attract in-store and nearby users. It’s affordable, accessible, and scalable. Proximity technology, it is extremely accurate in close and  indoor sections.

Your users are on mobile. Have an unique mobile app for your business, and connect with your users instantly!

APPSOMATIC develops professional customized mobile apps for businesses looking to get results. We offer features that can make your customer’s experience unique in every way. Whether you are an automobile dealership, that needs to get customers in the door. A restaurant that wants to put its menu, and hours of operation online. A real estate firm that wants to allow potential clients to see properties, and set appointments. Or any other type of business. Appsomatic creates a mobile app that is perfect for your business.

With the mobile industry booming right now, it can be beneficial for your business to develop mobile apps to promote your products and services. We will make mobilizing your business simple and pain free. We’re mobile experts, and are extremely affordable.

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