Appsomatic Services specializes in providing SEO for Doctors, Dentists and Medical Practices. Our team has a strong blend of healthcare content writers and SEO specialists, digital marketing for physicians, local seo for doctors in Rolling Meadows, IL which allows us to position your website at the top of Google search results for the selected keywords, while simultaneously presenting you as the leading doctor or healthcare practice in your area.

What is medical SEO? Why is SEO important to doctors? How do I market myself as a doctor? What are the steps of Local SEO for dentists and doctors?

These questions might be confusing to you, but do not worry, we are here to help you out. Although the term “SEO” can mean different things to different people, we’ll suppose you’re a doctor, physician, dentist, surgeon, or practice administrator. We’ve found that these experts are only interested in good search ranks and want to use “SEO” to get more patients. As a result, we’ll define SEO in terms other than Search Engine Optimization tactics. In the long run, you want to improve your SEO rankings and take additional steps to attract new patients who are looking for the services you provide. You also want to “engage” and attract current and former patients.

Step 1: Create and Optimize Google My Business Profile

Google My Business/Google Business Profile Listing Brings the greatest number of Leads/Businesses. But Google My Business has special rules for Medical Doctors. For example, same doctor can create more than one business profile/listing by using their name and different address. Also, they can use the same phone number for all of the listing, But the Opening and Closing time should not overlap in all of the listings. It should be same for all. Didn’t know about it right? If not, go and check out Google My Business’s Doctors related Policies. As a digital marketing healthcare agency If you don’t know the policies well, then you can make these 2 mistakes:

  1. You may violate some policies.
  2. You may not be using all Features in your listing.

If you have your own Hospital/Clinic where other doctors also visit, you can create separate listings for them too. And we need to tell you that, more listings mean more Business. Because you are operating a physician listing, and patients will only come when they are having any health-related issues. And on this moment, if they have to suffer by the wrong information provided by you, then your risk of getting bad reviews will increase. That’s why Business name, Address, web page, contact number, photos, info must be accurate and updated timely.

Step 2: Create and Optimize other important Profiles

There are various other important Profile creation sites for doctors apart from Google My Business, Like HealthGrades, RateMDs, ZocDoc, etc. It’s important to have your business profile in these sites. You must update and optimize these profile’s same like Google My Business.

The main reason of doing these are:

  1. Google uses information on other sites to confirm your listing’s information: In order to verify your business profile Google gathers all of your business information that exists on internet. So, if you update and optimize your other directory listing, It will keep your listing profile safe from unusual harmful edits, from your competitors using suggested edits option.
  2. You cannot leave your Business vulnerable to GMB only: Google My Business is just a platform and you have no control over it. If your business gets suspended by any reasons, you are not going to stop your hospital or clinic, right? To help your patients updated about your business you should optimize other business directory profile’s.

Step 3: Create a Good Website

Many times, doctors think that why do they need website? But A good website is equally crucial for Doctors and Dentists for Local SEO. How will patients get your information? They can get only from your website, right? In fact, it’s important for doctors to have their own website, because Doctors websites come under YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) Category. Google strictly check this category persons, businesses, web pages, and verify the information. That is why, you must create a proper website having easy navigation for your business.

Step 4: Improve EAT

What is E-A-T?

Google’s attempts to determine the authenticity of your business, your website, and its content are known to it as E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness). We won’t be able to measure or duplicate a single score or metric. Rather, Google gathers data from all around the internet to determine whether your website is trustworthy enough to rank. As previously said, understanding what Google might assess in terms of E-A-T for your themes is critical if you write about topics that could be considered YMYL.

How can you improve E-A-T?

The following are some examples of YMYL topics:

Important news:

Articles about current happenings in areas such as business, politics, science, and technology – less so in sports and entertainment.

Law and civil society:

Current discussions on matters such as abortion, adoption, and the right to die, as well as elections, public institutions, and legal advice.


Financial advice on topics such as investing, taxes, loans, banking, and insurance.


Information on medical subjects such as medicine, sickness, and hospitals.

Content relating to race concerns, ethnic and religious groups, information on sexual orientation, gender, and other topics are included in this category.


YMYL can also refer to a variety of other things that are important to a person’s life or well-being. Sites about fitness and nutrition, as well as job searches and university placements, are examples.

In some cases, adding references to authoritative resources can help improve a piece of content’s usefulness or trustworthiness in addressing a YMYL query. An E-A-T-based strategy for other sites can begin with adding schema to assist Google better understand the objects inside your content and how they are connected.

Step 5: Create a Content Plan

After establishing for Authority Online, create a content plan and publish it on your website in a pace. And by content it’s not only about blogs, posts. Do not post blogs for Medical Content. Create proper pages and publish proper content. In all content pages add author’s profile and link it to doctor’s page so that Google gets that information about the author authority.

A content plan is composed of all the marketing assets and data-gathering functions required to meet the content strategy’s objectives. A content plan includes everything from SEO research and interaction tracking to blogging and white paper creation. As your content marketing budget increases, your content plan will align with your content levels and scale.

Step 6: Create a Backlink Campaign

Backlinks are links from another website that point to your website’s pages. These referring domains operate as a seal of approval for your website. Everyone in the SEO field talks about the importance of backlinks. They can help you enhance your SEO, increase your website traffic, and establish a positive online reputation, but where do you begin?

  • Determine the keywords for which you already have a ranking.
  • Determine which keywords are the most profitable.
  • Find out which websites are ahead of you in the rankings.
  • Monitor Backlinks and input the domain of your competitor.

Learn more Appsomatic SEO for Doctors and Healthcare Practices

Appsomtic Services suggests that the best doctors and dentists regardless of their financial clout, should be at the top of Google. As a seo agency for doctors in Rolling Meadows, Illinois our low monthly costs enable talented physicians to compete against major hospital groups in this way.

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