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Mobile apps are now an essential part of almost every organization. Several organizations have profited from a well designed mobile app. While most religious and other organizations have their own Website, it is more profitable for them to also develop a mobile app and mobile marketing system. Over the last few years, the world of communication has gone mobile; you can either join in or get left behind. Smartphones and Tablets are the fastest-selling communication tools ever; there are over 2 million activations every day!

Most of these mobile users access the upcoming events and other membership related announcements on their smartphones and react online. It’s easier for your member to get in touch with your organization, buy merchandise, and give donations online via mobile app.  That being the case, mobile apps are proving to be the future of computing. Developing a mobile app with an online donation and promoting it among your users, will be extremely profitable for your organization.

Some of the non-profit apps we have designed and developed 
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Features to attract new members and retain an existing one. Stay connected with your community at all times


The “Contact” feature displays important general information such as physical location address & turn by turn direction, website URL, contact info (phone & email), and hours of operation.

Social Integration

Integrate Facebook page and increase ‘like us’ instantly. Share your photo gallery with Instagram integration. attract new members with email marketing campaign service directly through your mobile app.

Engaging Multimedia

Integrate music, video, and monitize it. Integrate itune track and albums. Integrate your youtube channel seamlessly. Create native image gallery attract and retain more users.


The “Donate” feature is a simple and effective way for your organization to accept donations through your very own mobile app. You have full control with customizable payment processor implementation and third party link/API integration.  Allow members to make giving on the go.

Share with Friends

Share your content and provides a simple way for your community to share it with the world. Your audience is enabled to share your content via text, email, Facebook, Twitter, and so much more! They can even share your entire app with friends with the click of a button.


Inform customers about new events & promotions. Send special announcement with deep links for a seamless experience. Inform your members with new content, and keep them in the loop.



Notes allow your community to jot down their thoughts on the fly. Users can easily format text, and share their notes with a friend. 

Custom Branding & Layout

Tailor your app to match the unique brand and style you’ve built. From simply adding your logo and colors, to customizing the home screen, menu options, features, and much more. 

What you get along with the cross-platform mobile app and mobile marketing system!

Custom Mobile Apps

Keep up with the competition with custom-built iPhone and Android restaurant apps that are branded to your business.  Showcase your menu, brand, logo and gallery, creating the ultimate brand experience from mobile, to web, to in-store.

Unlimited Push Notifications

Inform customers about new events & Promotion. Send special offers and coupons during slow hours. Inform your customers with new content, and attract customer with daily specials.

Custom Dashboard

Understand how many users download your app. Keep track of items inventory. Keep track of schedule events. Understand most popular feature within the app. keep track of app’s ROI, and manage orders all from one easy to use dashboard.

Marketing Materials

Building your app is only the first step, now you want people to use it. Receive professionly  design branded marketing materials to promote your app.

Training & Support

App walkthrough and training for easy transation. Receive marketing support on demand. Proven marketing techniques to increase app download, and knowledge base materials for ongoing support.

Your users are on mobile. Have an unique mobile app for your business, and connect with your users instantly!

Appsomatic develops professional branded mobile apps for your very own organization to get results and increase donations. We offer features that can make your users’ experience unique in every way. An organization that wants to put its events, and hours of operation online. Take care of their loyal user following, receive online donation or send new announcement on the fly then sign up today and you will not be disappointed. Let  Appsomatic creates a mobile app that is perfect for your organization.

With the mobile industry booming right now, it can be beneficial for your organizationto develop mobile apps to promote your services within your community. We will make mobilizing your business simple and pain-free. We’re mobile experts and are extremely affordable.

Package 1

Android App • iOS App • Mobile Giving • Dashboard • MKT Materials


$1999/ Onetime:
Design • Setup • Submission

$99/ Mo:
Unlimited Orders • Unlimited Push Notifications • Unlimited downloads

Package 2

Mobile Giving • Dashboard • MKT Materials


$700/ Onetime:
Design • Setup

$99/ Mo:
Unlimited Orders

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