Surveys clearly state that B2B customers are not as happy compared to their B2C counterparts. What is the reason behind this? Well, before you guess anything, let us make things clear; it is not just the lack of user-friendliness but also an intuitive experience that customers want at various touch points; and this is crazily driving off the customers from B2B websites.

Since this is something that cannot be ignored at any cost, it is the time for all B2B entrepreneurs to step ahead and avail benefits of Magento’s new B2B solution, for it not only promises to boost your sales but also ensures to contribute in high-end profits. Here are some exciting features that the customers will get to benefit from in the coming days. Take a look.

  • Extensive customization: With Magento’s new B2B solution, developers have the advantage of customizing the website all according to the needs and interests of the users. They can do almost anything to the website, considering the time and the budget. Eventually, no more boring experiences for the users, for they will come across an exciting feature at every single page.


  • Segmentation feature: Magento allows you to create groups facilitating users with easy to use feature. In addition, it also allows to you to offer specific pricing discounts according to the created groups. Such a facility is amazing for rendering a top-notch experience to the users as well as huge profits to the employer.


  • Invoicing and order status: Every user is worried until the order reaches the doorsteps. With magento’s new feature users get an opportunity to track their order, checkout information about the order, get an invoice and thus, avail benefits of a hassle-free experience. On the developers end, every developer gets the facility to customize the statuses of the order fulfillment procedure which is specific to the business needs and wants.


  • Responsive design: Since today’s users love to access internet on their mobile phones, the responsive design feature offered by Magento’s new solution helps the developers to create mobile friendly websites with every important feature in it. Thus, it is an add-on to the profits made by the company.

No doubt, the benefits of this business solution are countless; you will fail to reap them until and unless you have the right team of developers behind. So, hire the best developers and pull up your socks to experience great profits.



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