Mobile App UX Design and Development

Guide to Mobile App UX Design and Development

Today, the global mobile internet users have exceeded the desktop internet users. It is necessary to design the best mobile application to compete with other mobile applications and to make your application a success.

  • The user is on top:

Always think about the user while designing the mobile app who will use the application. It will lead you to the solution that your client will find useful and want to use. Make sure that you have understood all the requirements of the mobile users and remember that user is a real person since The UX Expert Steve Krug says “Usability is about people and how they understand and use things, not about technology”.

  • Consider Operating System:

Functionality of mobile applications depends on operating system you build it on. Each mobile application has to be adaptable to various operating systems since every user has their own choice in mobiles that they prefer to use. The appearance of the applications slightly changes with the change in mobile devices like in Android and iOS devices. It is being said that the overall feel shouldn’t be drastically different, but it should appeal to the unique features that those devices may have.

  • Battery Required:

No user wants to use such mobile application which eats up the battery life. So design an application on an easy and simple platform with all the essentials needed for the application to be a success and which doesn’t require more battery to use. It should be in a way which helps the users get exactly what they are expecting from the application.

  • Stand Out:

Today, users have many choices when it comes to the mobile applications. They are competing for downloads against other mobile applications with similar features and of same category. Users like to stick to one application till it satisfies the users’ expectations. Hence, always deliver such designs which actually work and reach the expectation level of the users.

  • Optimize Interactions For Touch:

Optimize the platform for touch, since every user has this touch functionality in their mobile phones. Make an application that limits the need of hand movements a user has to make in order to accomplish a task or find information. Design an application which is easy for your audience and which gives what your audience is actually looking for.

Mobile application design isn’t just about speed and layout of the application. It’s also about the user experience and the satisfaction that they are getting by using the mobile applications. Study the detailed approaches to make them work better on mobile devices and prevent the users to switch on other applications frequently.