4 Small Business Website Errors to Avoid Driving Customers Away

Visitors may visit your online presence and leave to never return or have a negative impression, or no impression at all. So one important website objective should be to make a visitor’s first impression to attract them to stay, or inspired them to return, or even better wanting to contact you.

These are the 4 major website problems that can drive potential new business away:

  1. Own Several Sales Channels

Amazon and eBay are online high traffic channel platforms for selling your products and services. Your company’s products are visible to millions of members who are ready to make purchases every single day. You can easily scale your business operation and dramatically increase your sales. Also, these platforms will handle your customer service and manage issues between customers and your business.  However, you must remember that Amazon and eBay own their sales channel. So they control your brand presence, your communication with the client, the sales process, marketing, and returns. In essence, Amazon and eBay dictate how and what you can sell on their platforms. If you don’t follow their rules you are kicked out and lose your main sales channel.

Instead of exclusively selling on eBay or Amazon as your only sales channels, you can develop your own ecommerce website. Own your ecommerce platform on your own terms with your brand presence and make eBay and Amazon just another online sales channel. Economical options for developing your own online business are Magento and nopCommerce. Magento and nopCommerce are both open ecommerce platforms you can affordably customize to your business look, feel and needs.

  1. Have your Own Mobile App

A website is no longer a sufficient online presence. By the end of 2017, “over two billion mobile phone or tablet users will make some form of mobile commerce transaction.” And 95% of mobile internet users check local information on their smartphones with the intention of visiting or contacting a business. As a small business, it is necessary to have a present on smartphones so prospect customers can learn about your products and services. As of the end of 2016, “mobile devices account for 19% of all US retail e-commerce sales.”

  1. It Really Counts How your Website Feels to Visitors

Have you ever visited a website that bothers’s your eyes, boring and dull images, or a navigation menu you can’t understand? That is a website with a bad user experience or UX. The User Experience (UX) is vital for your website so it connects with each visitor’s emotions, attitudes, and behaviors in relation to your product or service. It attracts people to return and keep learning about your business and ultimately the person could become your biggest fan.

  1. Develop Marketing with an Online Focus

Sometimes you search for a service on Google or Bing and after clicking on the link the website that opens is completely off target from my search. Everyone goes online to connect with their tribe, the people that influence our behaviors and our ideas. The influencers are the people we want to follow on how to speak, where to go, what to wear or not to wear. A tribe is our inspiration. A tribe is another way for the term “Marketing segmentation.” Your business must determine which part of the entire market to target their sales and marketing efforts. Your target market will help you determine how your tribe will find you on search engines and the different social media networks. At Appsomatic, we can help you find the right tribe seeking your products and services, and keep them connected.

Avoid these 4 errors with the help from Appsomatic as your online partner to transform your online presence into a lead and revenue-generating factory.